Costumes Rental

Our costumes are the source of our pride!

The costumes were meticulously and professionally designed by Danny Bar Shai from “Hakol Dvash” studio. We adapted the spirit of the biblical times based on a research we made. Of course we added our personal touch to make the costumes memorable.

Live The Bible costumes can be rented for any purpose – plays, film filming, activities, training, special family meals, holidays and of course Purim!

The price per rental day for a regular outfit is 150 NIS + VAT (the layman’s priest, standard biblical clothing, etc.). The costume includes a Galabia, top, belt, headdress, sandals and a ribbon to the head. The price per rental day for a special outfit is 250 NIS + VAT (Kohen Gadol, Goliath, King David, etc.).

Special Outfits

The great priest
King David
Mordechai and Esther


Read what our customers have to say about our attraction

Moria Sharabi
Student, Sapir college

“I have never had such a beautiful picture of myself and now as Moaabian Ruth!
It was magnificent.  A very kind and professional service.”

Adi Hameiri
Coacher, Givat-Shmuel

“A magical and amazing place located in my heart of the old city. The music and the atmosphere of the place made us feel as a real part of the story.”

Asher Aroussi
Programmer, Elbit Inc., Zoran

“As parents. we really enjoyed  watching our daughters getting back in time to the Bible stories. It was a lot of fun and we got amazing pictures.”

Eyalet Saar
Event organizer

“The outfits and accessories took out event to the next level! The guests were delighted and the photos turned out great!”