Live The Bible

Join a biblical moment!

We are delighted to introduce you to the Biblical Attractions Center of the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem!
A journey to the most prominent of the bible stories, which were narrated and imagined for thousands of years upon generations of people.
We allow you to enter the magical world of the biblical era, and become a central part of the story through accessories, costumes, backgrounds, advanced technology, tablets, players and more!
The biblical landscape of ancient Jerusalem is an integral part of our attractions. 
Our goal is to allow you to connect to the bible stories in a simple, accessible and enjoyable way! 
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A Special limited time offer – 

Two attractions for the price of one!

Live the bible + Escape to the Bible!

Order our two attractions – Both an outdoor escape-room activity using a biblical theme and a photographic gun experience that will give you a memento for the ages.


 Enjoy two and a half fun hours with friends or family, filled with excitement, surprises and shared memories – Leave with touching, quality pictures that will be always remind you of the event !


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Live The Bible
Escape to the Past​
A Biblical Tour
Biblical Bar Mitzvah​
A Biblical Event
At Your Doorstep​

Our Stories

we invite you to revive one of the Bible stories, and join your family and you to a photo shoot experience at the Holy Land!

For more photos and situations we invite you to our Facebook page:

Priests in the Temple

The priests serving The Temple where a symbol of glory and splendor during King Solomon’s reign

David & Goliath
The historical battle in which David was able to beat Philistine warrior Goliath “the Giant” of Gath, with one accurate slingshot.
Moses in the Basket
The thrilling story of saving baby Moses! Mother Yoheved had to hide her little baby from Pharaoh, King of Egypt, and then leave him in the river
The story of the Megillah

(Book of Esther) – Queen Esther, Mordechai & Ahasuerus come to life in the king’s palace.

Ruth & Boaz
A romantic scene that takes place at a wheat field, where Boaz redeemers Ruth, who later becomes King David’s great grandmother
The Spies carrying Grapes
 The famous story that became Israel’s tourism icon – Joshua and the 11 men are sent to spy the land of Canaan.


Read what our customers have to say about our attraction

Moria Sharabi
Student, Sapir college

“I have never had such a beautiful picture of myself and now as Moaabian Ruth!
It was magnificent.  A very kind and professional service.”

Adi Hameiri
Coacher, Givat-Shmuel

“A magical and amazing place located in my heart of the old city. The music and the atmosphere of the place made us feel as a real part of the story.”

Asher Aroussi
Programmer, Elbit Inc., Zoran

“As parents. we really enjoyed  watching our daughters getting back in time to the Bible stories. It was a lot of fun and we got amazing pictures.”

Eyalet Saar
Event organizer

“The outfits and accessories took out event to the next level! The guests were delighted and the photos turned out great!”

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