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New – Arriving your event with background and variety of costumes!

Recently, we started  a new format  in which we arrive events all over Jerusalem and outside with our biblical studio!

The production including:

1.  Arrival of “Live The Bible” team including photographer and dressing hostess.

2. A Mobile studio which includes background, tripods, flashs etc.

3. A Mobile cloths hanger with the best of our costumes.

4. Printing the photographs and sending them to your house.

5. A Possibility of magnet’s photography including a unique design for .your event

 For an unique, original, exciting and unprecedented event –   contact us!


Our events

Organizations, companies & groups

Days of fun for leading companies, an excited experience for non-profit organizations, a rooted activity for tourists & groups etc.

Bar-mitzvas & events

The Bar-mitzva boy is masqueraded as the high priest on the background of the temple, the Bat-mitzva girl is masqueraded as the Moabite Ruth and extra variety of possibilities.

Educational institutions

Both religious and unreligious schools, kindergartens, colleges, community centers and youth movements.

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Join the biblical momen.

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Friday- 09:00 a.m-02:00 p.m

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